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The most advanced and the best stander on the market designed for active paraplegics. Walking in an upright position combined with elements of skating. Equipped with unique kinematics for walking, standing up system and optionaly with RehaGym Intended primarily for active people with spinal cord injury on lhe level no higher than Th5 having not paralyzed hands and the lack of deformation of the feet and knees! No equivalent on the market!

Possibility of walking in an upright position combined with elements of skating gives the user the extraordinary possibilities. Now a disabled people with paralysis or paresis of lower limbs ( paraplegics) and in limited range people with paralysis of lower limbs and upper limbs ( quadriplegics )., which wants to be active and have not paralyzed hands, may independently or with a little help from a caregiver, get up from the wheelchair to an upright position, move forward, backwards, rotate around its own axis, do squats, half squats, train all muscle groups.

Active Drive is also an excellent tool for rehabilitation of people with quadriplegic. Quadriplegics almost always require an assistance of a caregiver and usually only passive walking is possible. Passive walking with Active Drive is relatively easy, regardless of the user´s body weight and depth of disability.

Examples of passive walking: The caregiver operates the stander and performs the steps.

Examples of passive standing up: the caregiver puts the patient to a standing position and returns with him to a sitting position

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