Electric Mobility Scooter

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Strong and lightweight frame with smart folding mechanism
Easy-to-read control panel
Quick charge with 4A off-board charger
Fold & Roll, or store in a suitcase
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
High ground clearance great for cruises
Height retractable and angle adjustable tiller
Sporty and eye-catching look
Patented twin front wheels with spring suspension system offers nt stability during sharp turning
Easy attach 24V Li-Ion battery packUnder seat pouch can store extra battery pack

Height and angle adjustable steering tiller to fit individual user demand

Patented Twin-front -wheels w/spring suspension system offers excellent stability during sharp turning

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

Small foldable dimension for easy storage

Strong light-weight alloy aluminum frames for easy folding and carring

Simple dashboard

Company Name: Merits Health Products

Model: S542

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