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KS-343.2 is equipped with a fully adjustable 4-wheel suspension system. It can overcome the terrain that is otherwise unbearable for an outdoor scooter. The combination of suspension and evenly distributes the driving impact and is able to overcome curbs up to 7.5 cm.

Ergonomically designed acceleration lever
It is easy to disassemble the front and rear frames using the quick-release lever. It features rear hydraulic suspension, turn signals and energy-effiicient taillight.

Because every elderly has different level of dexterity, KS-343.2 is equipped with the tiller that can be adjusted based on individual need. With a simple pull, you are ready for a better control and easier ride.

KS-343.2 offers the ability to manually recline the backrest 105°、120° or 135. This allows the users to stretch their hip joint and relax the back muscle.

To best suit your needs, you can adjust the seat forward/backward, up/down, etc.
The seat can be laterally rotated 90 degrees to make it easier to enter or exit from the scooter. Headrest can adjusted for height to suite individual needs.

Flip-Back Armrest
Makes it easy to get on and off the scooter.

Equipped with ultra-wide-angle headlights and warning lights, you travel at night without having to worry about the lighting. Brighter and efficient, both the user and pedestrians can travel safely at night with the lighting system.

Energy-efficient Taillights
There is a warning tone when reversing, reminding the people behind to avoid it and ensure safety.
Brake warning light.

The ergonomically designed footrest provides more legroom for taller individuals.

Convenient Basket
For carrying items while traveling.

Company Name: Karma Medical Products

Model: KS-343.2

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