Adult Recumbent Trike

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KETTWIESEL ALLROUND – engineered for cornering fun
The one-of-a-kind “KETTWIESEL feeling” comes from its go-kart agility and tight turning circle.
ALLROUND – ModelbildALLROUND – ModelbildALLROUND – Modelbild
The entry-level model for the HASE fun class and the chassis for many adaptive trikes
The KETTWIESEL ALLROUND lets you experience all the perks and practicality of triking. With its unrivaled cornering stability, high level of safety, and exceptional comfort, the KETTWIESEL offers unparalleled riding fun. And: at stoplights and during breaks, you can relax in your seat while other cyclists dismount.

very agile, smooth-riding
excellent safety and stability thanks to low center of gravity
space-saving when parked on end
usable in tandem and as a trailer
e-motor option

Company Name: Hase Bikes


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