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The recumbent bike of the Lupo model series is a complete system that is operated manually without a wheelchair or, as an optional extra, also electrically. It offers many advantages, because in addition to the adaptability of the seat, it can also be dismantled into two parts and transported in a space-saving manner.

With the Lupo, muscle training and the promotion of coordination between arms and legs is possible in the sporting sense. The robust steel frame in conjunction with the sophisticated aluminum milled parts, which holds the assemblies together, also allows intensive off-road use.

The Lupo can be equipped with a powerful Lipo drive system as the Lupo Smart. This turns the purely manual recumbent bike into a hybrid one. The backrest as well as the headrest can be readjusted without tools. This can make it much easier to get on and off the bike. It also makes it easier to use a sliding board.

Special feature
Handbike as sports and leisure equipment
Handbikes have a significant benefit for their riders. Due to the various movements that occur while riding, the muscles can be built up and physical coordination trained.

Dismountable for transport
The Lupo can be dismantled into two parts by removing the four screws on the aluminium milled body of the handlebar. This is particularly useful for transport.

Company Name: Stricker Handbikes

Model: LUPO

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