Adult Adaptative Tricycle

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A real lightweight.

A triumph in design and construction. RoScooter is lightweight and strong carrying riders up to 250lbs.

The chassis is made from high-grade Aluminum that’s CNC (computer-numerically-controlled) laser cut, stamped, and folded. It’s only 20lbs.

Step right in.

Stepping into RoScooter is simple and safe.

Simply apply the parking brake with the lever located on the handlebars. RoScooter’s seat swivels left or right into a lock position. The unobstructed foot board makes it easy to get your feet in. The anti-slip surface is super safe.

Sit, row, and be fit.

RoScooter provides a bio-mechanically efficient and non-injurious means of self-propulsion.

At last there’s a user powered scooter that gets you where you need to go while getting a bit of exercise at the same time.

With no motor or heavy batteries you can take RoScooter with you in your car.

Company Name: Rota Mobility

Model: RoScooter™

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