4 Caster Rollator

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Number of casters
with seat
Other characteristics
indoor, steel
Seat height

52 cm, 55 cm, 58 cm (20.5 in)

Maximum load

150 kg, 200 kg (330.69 lb)


51 cm (20.1 in)


9.3 kg, 9.7 kg, 9.8 kg, 18 kg (20.5 lb)

Wheel diameter

125 mm (4.9 in)

Handle height

80 cm, 86 cm, 92 cm, 95 cm (31.5 in)

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The stable indoor rollator is a mobile handrail and helps you to safely master everyday life at home. Also suitable for very small apartments.;

Fall prophylaxis at home
Fits through narrow passages
Agile – Turning on the spot
Stability allows movement while seated
Safety by means of mobile handrail
Additional handbrake for a greater feeling of safety

Numerous accessories for the living room rollator offer you support in every situation.

With the right accessories you can adapt the living room rollerator to your needs. From upholstered seats to wall units, you will find a wide selection.

Page is the multifunctional and narrowest living space rollator for at home. It is as strong and safe as the handrail on your stairs; you can support yourself all around; you can sit on it and even push your feet to drive through the home (experts call it tripping). With the tray and basket it becomes a serving trolley, with the hanging cupboard it becomes a bedside table and also offers so many other options. You will love it, the page lives with you. You can run over your dining table or your WC if necessary. You stand in the page, directly at the worktop or washbasin. In many cases, it has already saved expensive conversions.

Page is the design living space rollator from a casting. What at first seems big is in reality strong, agile and manoeuvrable.
You can rely on the 38mm steel tube (the German standard for handrails, by the way) in all situations. It offers secure and pleasant hold and grip.

The basic equipment basically includes a beech multiplex seat with a load capacity of up to 150 kg, which can be removed if necessary or simply folded up forwards.

Company Name: Saljol


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